Visiting Day

Graduate School applicant finalists are invited to join us for Visiting Day on February 10, 2017. This all-day event is invitation-only and allows applicant finalists to visit our department, learn more about their chosen program and meet program faculty, and provide additional information about their interests and qualifications.

Diversity Brunches

One of the things we love most about UNC is our strong commitment to diversity. This year, our department is hosting two events to reflect this commitment: one for applicants who identify as members of racial or ethnic minorities, and one for LGBT/Allies applicants. By allies, we mean people who are actively involved in advocating for and supporting the LGBT community. These two events are not part of the admissions process, but are offered as a resource for applicants applying to any of the six doctoral programs in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience! Each event will serve as an opportunity to ask current racial/ethnic minority graduate students and current LGBT/Allies graduate students candid questions about their experiences at UNC and the broader Chapel Hill region.

Both brunches will be held at the UNC Farm (1 Alice Ingram Circle in Chapel Hill) Saturday, February 11th, 8:30 – 12:30 pm. Transportation to the brunches will be coordinated by the graduate students organizing these activities.

If you have been invited to attend Visiting Day and you are interested in attending either or both of these events, please RSVP to Emmy Mallasch by Monday, January 23rd. Please note: if you plan to attend one of these Saturday events, make sure to arrange your flight plans with that in mind.