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The quantitative psychology program is housed in the L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory, which is located in the west wing of the third floor of Davie Hall, the home of the Psychology Department. All faculty, students and staff have offices here, providing easy and informal contact between members of the program.

In addition to office space, the facilities also include the L.L. Thurstone Seminar Room, where advanced seminars in quantitative psychology are held, and the John B. Carroll Library, housing a collection of journals and books related to Quantitative Psychology, Psychometrics, and related fields. The Thurstone Lab also houses lab space for each faculty member in the Quantitative Psychology program.

Our computing facilities are extensive. Windows, MacOS and Unix machines are available for data analysis, for the development of new mathematical models and data-analytic procedures, and for the conduct of experiments. Every faculty member and graduate student has a private computer.

In addition, our internal ethernet system provides access to shared printers, file servers, and network servers, as well as to the larger computing systems maintained by UNC Academic Technology and Networks and to the Internet.