Graduate Students

Arizmendi, Cara
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Gates
351 Davie

Cara studies daily diaries and intraindividual change.

Cole, Veronica
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Bauer
357 Davie Hall

Veronica studies mixture models, longitudinal data modeling, and individual data analysis.

Fisher, Zachary
Advisors: Dr. Kenneth Bollen and Dr. Kathleen Gates
342 Davie Hall

Georgeson, Alexis
Advisor: Dr. Patrick Curran
360 Davie Hall

Alexis studies item-level data analysis, longitudinal modeling, and measurement.

Giordano, Michael
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Bollen
357 Davie Hall

Michael studies longitudinal analysis, integrative data analysis, and models of adolescent and lifetime development.

Greifer, Noah
Advisor: Dr. Patrick Curran
360 Davie Hall

Noah studies program evaluation and causal inference, specializing in propensity score methods.

He, Jason
Advisor: Dr. David Thissen
352 Davie Hall

Jason studies educational assessment through psychometrics, item response theory, and computerized adaptive testing.

Lane, Stephanie
Advisors: Dr. Patrick Curran and Dr. Kathleen Gates
340 Davie Hall

Stephanie studies individual level data analysis, growth curve modeling, and novel search algorithms.

Markiewitz, Nathan
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Bauer
357 Davie Hall

Nathan studies mixture modeling, integrative data analysis, and longitudinal methods.

Williams, Sandra
Advisor: Dr. Patrick Curran
360 Davie Hall

Sandra studies longitudinal methods for behavioral and biological data and IDA.

Ye, Ai
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Bollen
351 Davie Hall

Ai studies structural equation modeling, especially evaluations and applications of longitudinal models and mixture modeling.